We run the full cycle of software development.
Design → Develop → Support

Enterprise software has special requirements that other applications often do not. Thousands of concurrent users, SLAs, and daily monitoring to name a few. We employ seasoned Python programmers, ReactJS experts, AWS specialists, and more to tackle even the most stubborn software.

Here at Chip Studio, we translate business needs into software. We don't believe in just writing code for code's sake. It serves a purpose. Our job is to align the needs of our clients with the needs of their software and bring their ideas to life.

Mobile Apps
Everyone has an idea for the next big app. Let us build it for you. We're experts in designing and developing scaleable hybrid apps, which means we build 1 mobile app that works on both iOS and Android, and cuts costs by up to 50%.

Considering the average website goes 3 to 5 years between redesigns... it might be time for an update. We build static and Wordpress sites to be secure, fast, and affordable month-to-month, so you can take another 3 to 5 years off.
"Chip Studio's expertise and innovative guidance supported the transformation of our quality monitoring software into a modern and elegant product. Our strategy and Chip Studio's agile transformation capabilities has created a sustainable, scalable product. Through RevealCX, COPC has created an extraordinary capacity to bring quality best practices to global customers in a lean and effective way. Chip Studio was key to the technology transformation required to bring our vision to life."
- Kyle Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer, COPC Inc.

We designed and helped create Newslang, a language learning application with thousands of users. Newslang is an inventive way to effortlessly learn Spanish. It curates your news and translates words throughout the articles you are already reading - leading to an effortless educational experience.


EdgeRock is a consulting and staffing company that employees hundreds of technology specialists throughout the USA.

Their website was in need of a modernization to better communicate their legitimacy, while also needing a copywriting reboot. We partnered with our sister-company, Aimtal, a digital and content marketing agency, to complete the full redesign in 10 weeks.

Hosted as a WordPress installation, we migrated EdgeRock to modern hosting provided by Flywheel, and increased their page load speed 58%. Visit The Redesign
"Chip Studio didn't just redesign our website -- they helped us clarify what we wanted it to say about what we do and why we do it. They're resourceful, responsive, and skilled. I'd hire them again in a minute, but they did such great work that I'm confident I won't need to!"
Cynthia Farrar, CEO