Our Story

Chip Studio is a Los Angeles-based technology studio that specializes in designing & building enterprise software applications, mobile apps, and websites. It is run by twin brothers David and Alex Chippendale, the prior VP of Engineering and Lead Developer at Testive Inc., a venture funded start-up. At Testive, David ran the 8-person development team in charge of designing and developing Testive’s adaptive learning platform. Fellow Testive alum and software developer, Alex moved into technology after studying physics at the University of Massachusetts and working in labs at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He will be a contributing author in an upcoming edition of the peer reviewed journal The Biophysicist, published by The Biophysical Society in 2020.

Chip Studio currently serves as the primary software vendor for RevealCX, a product owned by COPC Inc., a world-renowned international consulting and certification company whose customers include Microsoft, Citigroup, among many others.

Our Growing Team

Hi I'm Jackie! I turn ideas into code. You can find me on my snowboard or my computer - not at the same time... usually.
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Hey I’m Ed - I work across Chip to identify, plan and execute our next big move. I   have a coding background and when I’m not doing that, I can be found behind a computer working on client projects. In my spare time, I enjoy weightlifting, reading and spending time with family.
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Hey I’m Lorena! I'm an account manager who identifies the business goals of our clients products. When I’m not working, I’m fully embracing pawrenthood with my dog Luna or cooking up a delicious meal!
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Hi, I'm Alex. I write a lot of the code that powers our clients' technologies. When I'm not growing the company, you can find me destroying my friends at Mario Kart, philosophizing, and riding my motorcycle.
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Hi, I'm David. I design and build elegant technology. All day. Every day. I also play classical piano and bake a mean eclair.
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